It is possible to edit your checklists by following this guide.   

  1. Go to My eButterfly and navigate to My Observations.
  2. Once in My Observations sort or filter the records until you find the location and date of the checklist in question.
  3. Click 'Edit'
  4. From here you can edit your location information, your checklist information (distance, time and # of people in the party), or your species information including adding a new species.  Click the Edit button associated with each section to update your checklist as appropriate.
  5. Note: photos can be added by updating the species information. (scan for blue photo icon once you select Edit for the particular species, usually in upper left)
  6. WARNING: Please understand that deleting a location results in all checklists and records associated with this site will be removed from the database. Stick to editing a location multiple times if necessary.